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"She has great patience working with pets. We knew it would be a challenge to get all of our 'babies' to sit still for a bunch of pictures, but Lisa never got exasperated with them, (or us!). She was very patient and very understanding, and now, we have a wonderful album of all our family."
-AnnMarie Coffey

"Our reunion was going to be the first time most of us had seen each other in many years. We knew it would be worth getting the right photographer to document it. Lisa did far more than just record the evening on film; She caught a lot of very touching, very moving moments during the night, and she did it without ever being intrusive or disruptive. She did a wonderful job of capturing the mood of the reunion. Everyone who has received a copy of the reunion photo album, (which she also did a beautiful job of making), has been equally delighted with it. I'm very happy we found her."
-Bob Drake

Portrait Packages & Prices:

All package prices subject to change without notice. Framing not included, but offered separately.
4x6 photo set standard with each package below; 5x7 photo set available at additional cost.

Studio Portraits: Negotiable flat-fee or $220.00/first hour (+expenses)
My home studio is located in Roanoke, Virginia. There, I can accommodate a small group of people with pets when desired, comfortably into a portrait sitting. It's an ideal shoot for a small family, baby pictures, pets, etc. The convenience of the location and the non-businesslike setting make it a more comfortable environment for many people. Based on how long or complicated your shoot might be, we can negotiate a flat fee or bill you based on the length of your session. You will get a set of 4x6 prints from this session. Reprint and enlargement information below. Minimum one-hour session. After the first hour, time billed at $75/half-hour.

You can also drop items off with me to photograph for sales literature, documentation or insurance files. This is an ideal option for cutting costs, because I'm free to work the shoot into the existing schedule. A flat fee, depending on the size of the shoot, will save time and money for you. However we can also, of course, work together on your product shoot at either a negotiated flat fee or the hourly rate. You receive a set of 4x6 prints from this session. Reprint and enlargement information below.

Event/Candid: Negotiable flat-fee or $150.00/first hour (+expenses)
Much of my work is done when a client simply calls and describes an event they want documented; reunion, corporate holiday party, bar mitzvah, birthday... whatever you can think of. For these jobs, I won't carry lights and backdrops. I'll just grab a pair of camera bags and go. (Make sure that I know the proper attire for the occasion, perfect directions and scheduling, please). I'll get the shots you need me to get, and I'll surprise you with a few that you might not have thought of or expected. Many times clients have said that they didn't think they really needed a professional photographer at their particular event, but when they see the albums, they're glad they hired one. You receive a set of 4x6 prints from this session. Reprint and enlargement information below. After the first hour, time billed at $75/half-hour.

Expenses: Reserve the date retainer: Fee deducted from final invoice unless cancelled $ 1/3 (one-third) package total, non-refundable.
Mileage Meter: Applies outside 40 mile radius of Roanoke, VA. $0.40 per mile Retouching/Restoring. Add in dad's missing tooth, or mom's? Special Effects?. $50.00/hr.
Round Trip Travel: Over 3 hrs - lodging & meals; Over 6 hrs - lodging, meals, travel; Out of Country - all expenses.

Reprints/Enlargements: Prices subject to change without notice. Prices below do not include mounting, protective spraying, matting or framing. These services are available at an additional expense.

8 wallets
  $ 108.00 each   
$ 72.00 each
$ 36.00 each
$ 36.00 each
$ 18.00 each
$ 18.00 each
$ 9.00 each
$ 4.00 each
$ 4.00 each
$ 15.00

All prices subject to change without notice.

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