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"Items we sell on Ebay and other outlets move faster and bring better prices because we get good, professional photography of them. Lisa works quick and gets great shots every time. We use her as often as possible."
-Tommy W.

"Making a band look good is pretty hard, (especially a band that looks like us!). Lisa has done some really awesome promo, candid and stage books for us that we use in everything, from our website, to our promo books, to flyers, posters and mailers. We're always psyched to see her with a camera at a show, because we know we're going to see some really great shots soon."
-Mike Feamster
Burning Bridges

"Lisa, in addition to getting really great pictures of the guys working onstage and hanging out in the backstage area, is just really cool to have around. She fits in with whoever she's working with and makes you feel comfortable around her. We hate being 'herded' by photographers, and she doesn't work like that - She just waits for the good shot, and she always gets it."
-Billy Camaro

"I'm always surprised when I see the pictures Lisa gets of us. We could be playing in the smallest dive, the darkest back corner... and somehow, when we get these pictures, it's like, Wow! Was that place really that big? Wasn't it more of a rat-hole? She somehow gets these great shots that make us look like we're playing cooler places."
-Dave Porter
The Worx

"Just the best band photographer around, period. Professional, patient and cool."
-Chuck Johnson
Bananas At Large

Promotional Photography Packages & Prices:

All package prices subject to change without notice. Framing not included, but offered separately.
4x6 photo set standard with each package below; 5x7 photo set available at additional cost.

Promotion/Location: Negotiable flat-fee or $220/first hour (+expenses)
Whether you're opening a store/chain and you just want a mural of professional shots to hang on the wall for that first month or you're welcoming Steven King to the lobby to promote his new masterpiece or it's the biggest gig of the year for the band and you want it captured for the website, you need a location photographer. Location photography is hard to do well and many times clients hire me because of a disappointing experience with amateur photography. That shiny new camera that your nephew got last Christmas might be able to take swell pictures of your vacation, but business locations present very challenging lighting situations. And for musicians, nightclub/concert stages, with their constantly-shifting lighting colors and intensities, are a career unto themselves. If you're not quite sure whether your occasion/gig necessitates a pro, then it probably does. You will receive a set of 4x6 prints from this session. Reprint and enlargement information below. Minimum one-hour session. After the first hour, time billed at $75/half-hour.

Expenses: Reserve the date retainer: Fee deducted from final invoice unless cancelled $ 1/3 (one-third) package total, non-refundable.
Mileage Meter: Applies outside 40 mile radius of Roanoke, VA. $0.40 per mile Retouching/Restoring. Add in dad's missing tooth, or mom's? Special Effects?. $50.00/hr.
Round Trip Travel: Over 3 hrs - lodging & meals; Over 6 hrs - lodging, meals, travel; Out of Country - all expenses.

Reprints/Enlargements: Prices subject to change without notice. Prices below do not include mounting, protective spraying, matting or framing. These services are available at an additional expense.

8 wallets
  $ 108.00 each   
$ 72.00 each
$ 36.00 each
$ 36.00 each
$ 18.00 each
$ 18.00 each
$ 9.00 each
$ 4.00 each
$ 4.00 each
$ 15.00

All prices subject to change without notice.

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